Internet Radio Receiver

Internet Radio Receiver


IRF: The Integrated Digital Service Center

You can link your personal website by the media center of product “Emprex Internet Radio” directly. Other users can link into your website by product’s media center as well, and no need to link through the “Add New Radio Station”.

Please follow the below steps to set-up:

1. Please link the website, and click "Join Us" to create your new account.
And then click "Register Now"

To choose "Accept" and spot it, wait 30 seconds to click "Continue" to next page.

Check the column with "" sign and fill your information inside.
Make sure to fill the correct information and click "Submit" to send out.

If your information is incorrect, you will see the error message as like the following photo.

If your inputs are correct, then it will send message to your mail address.

Once you received the confirmation letter at your set-up email address, please click the hyperlink to enable your account immediately.

When you use the hyperlink into our welcome page, your have already set-up your own account successfully.
Login your passwords from the upper squares.

Enter into "My Radio Station" and click "New One" to add a new connection.

Filling up your information and press "Save".

If the URL is same as other user, you will see the error message.

If it is okay, then you will see the photo as below.

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