Internet Radio Receiver

Internet Radio Receiver


Where can I find the station that I just added ?

The new added station is listed in "My Favorite", doesn't in the normal station list.

And if you want to delete it,
go to "My Favorite” and move cursor to the item that you want to delete, press right arrow key for next step, select "delete" and press "ENTER" key to perform the deletion.


UPnP - Universal Plug and Play

Wikipedia has a detailed description UPnP.


UPnP Software

I found a free UPnP Server "TVersity" very easy to set up, just a few minutes then you could use IRP/F/Z to steam music from PC over LAN.

Website -

Download website -


Google gadget - Google Media Server

Recently found a very convenient Google Desktop gadget - Google Media Server
Google Media Server supports UPnP which let you use Internet Radio connects to PC's share music.
You could download it from :
This gadget requires Google Desktop 5 or above.

Google Desktop web sit:


MAC address (Media Access Control address)

In computer networking a Media Access Control address (MAC address) is a unique identifier attached to most network adapters (NIC or Network Interface Card). It is a number that serves as an identifier for a particular network adapter. For security reason, we will enable MAC filter function to allow the specific MAC address access to internet only. If you did so, make sure I-Radio's MAC address is listed. I-Radio's MAC address can be found on bottom label.